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Justyna Ilnicka is a young polish soprano. “With her light, silver timbre voice she is able to sing not only in a

high-coloratura repertoire but can also be a very good fit in a lyrical pieces.”

She began her musical education playing the flute at Bukowski State Secondary Music School in Wrocław, Poland. She studied singing at the University of Music in Wrocław. She also took lessons from the famous Teresa Żylis- Gara. She continued her vocal education at Mozarteum University in Salzburg, studying alongside Prof. Ingrid Kremling and Hariklia Apostolu (coaching), specializing in Opera and Music Theater; also working with Prof. Wolfgang Holzmair for Lied and Oratorio.

Full biography

  • Songs and Oratorio by Wolfgang Holzmiar at Mozarteum University in Salzburg
  • Master  degree in Opera and Music Theater by Ingrid Kremling (singing),  Hariklia Apostolu (coaching), Gernot Sahler/Hermann Keckeis; Graduation  with Distinction
  • Regular lessons by Teresa Żylis- Gara 
  • Erasmus scholarship at Mozarteum University Salzburg, Singing by Prof. Elisabeth Wilke
  • Singing degree (Bachelor and Master) at Academy of Music in Wroclaw (PL)
  • Secondary School of Music in Wroclaw with final exam/tital as musican-instrumentalist (western concert flute)

  • Antano Kucingis International Competition (Grand Prix) in Wilno, Lithuania 
  • Prize holder of the National Karol Kurpinski Competition in Włoszakowice, Poland
  • Scholarschip from the president of Wrocław city, Rafal Dutkiewicz for special-talented young people
  • Erasmus scholarship at  Mozarteum University Salzburg, Singing by Prof. Elisabeth Wilke



Soprano lyric with coloratura


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Februar 2020

23. 02. 2020 7 p.m.St. Antonius, Salzburg Itzling, 

 22. 02. 2020  7 p.m. Stiftskirche Berchtesgaden

George Frideric Handel: Utrecht Te Deum, HWV 278
Francesco Durante : Magnificat in B
Johann Adolf Hasse: Miserere in c

 Justyna Ilni, Sopran
Christopher Zehrer, Altus
Aleksander Rewiński Rewiński, Tenor
Aron Axel Cortes, Bass
Da Ponte Concort Salzburg auf historischen Instrumenten
Stefan Mohr, Leitung

September 2019

20., WEIDENER MAX-REGER-TAGE, Weiden; Liederabend with Harp (Katharina Teufel) and Clarinet (Gabor Lieli) https://www.concerti.de/termine/justyna-ilnicka-sopran-gabor-lieli-klarinette-katharina-teufel-lieli-harfe-90278/ 

JULI 2019

24.;  time 7.00 p.m.  Chiemgauer Kulturtage: Georg Ph. Telemann  Pimpinone, Rolle der Vespetta,  Inszenierung Kurt Köller, Leitung Alexander Krins/ Kulturzentrum K1, Traunreut, Oberbayern

14.; time 7.00 p.m. Night with music from W. A. Mozart / Opera Arias for sopran and  string quartet/ Schloss Nymphenburg München

Juni 2019

21-23.;  Projekt CD-Aufnahme : Michael Haydn Te Deum, Laetatus sum, Schrattenbach - Requiem, Leitung Peter Peinstingl

Mai 2019

12.; time 7.00 p.m. Night with music from W. A. Mozart / Opera Arias for sopran and  string quartet/ Schloss Nymphenburg München

APRIL 2019

21, 28.; 6.30 p.m. Mozart Krönungsmesse in C-Dur, KV 317, Leitung Stefan Mohr


23; time: 7.00 p.m. Mozartchor Salzburg and soli, conductor: Stefan Mohr; Stiftskirche | Berchtesgaden

24; time: 7.00 p.m. Mozartchor Salzburg and soli, conductor: Stefan Mohr; St. Antnius | Salzburg


"Das Wiener Neujahrkonzerte":

 02.; Hannover/ Theater am Aegi

 03., Bremen / Die Glocke

 05.; Aarhus /Musikhuset

 06.; Kopenhagen/ DR Concert Hall

 07.; Kiel / Kieler Schloss

 08.; Kassel / Stadthalle

 09.; Koblenz / Rhein-Moselhalle

 10.; Hamburg / Laieszhalle

12.; Mozart-Nacht; Justyna Ilnicka Sopran, Amadeus Consort Salzburg / Schloss Nymphenburg / München

18.; Songs Recital Justyna Ilnicka sopran, Barbara Zyto piano / Jawor > Muzeum Regionlne>Poland


10.;  time 6.30 p.m. Musica Sacra Trinitatis, Justyna Ilnicka sopran,   Gerhard Gergely trumpet, Eugen Vereshchahin Organ /   Dreifaltigkeitskirche / Salzburg / Austria

25.; time 7  p.m. Justyna Ilnicka sopran, Amadeus Consort Salzburg / Stuttgart /  Germanyhttps://www.kulturgipfel.de/event/mozart-nacht-25-november-2018-19:00/d2fe5a27-67e2-4854-9c77-b8a2c9291a1d


20. time 6.0 p.m. Musica Sacra Trinitatis / Salzburg /Austria


JULY 2018

08; time 7.00 p.m. Mozartchor, St. Antonius | Salzburg

JUNI 2018

23. time  6.30 p.m.  Klassik am Berg / Genneralm – Poschnhütte

30. time: 6.00 p.m. Meditationen für Sopran und Harfe, Königliches Schloss Berchtesgaden

MAI 2018

12. time 6.00 p.m Musica Sacra Trinitatis Dreifaltigkeitskirche | Salzburg

APRIL 2018

01; time 06.30 p.m.  W. A. Mozart Orgelsolomesse KV 259; Pfarrkirche St. Andreas | Berchtesgaden

14; time 06.30 p.m.  Musica Sacra Trinitatis Dreifaltigkeitskirche | Salzburg

MARCH 2018

10; time 7.00 p.m.  Mozart-Nacht Hubertussaal Schloß Nymphenburg | München


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